Addiction is a disease with social, biological and behavioral dimensions. The abuse of drugs among health workers is also remarkable. Addictive substance can be defined as all kinds of chemical substances that can change the brain functions. Despite significant advances in substance abuse treatment methods it remains an important problem for workers of the anesthesia and their environments. People use addictive drugs to improve their skills, performances, work harder and look successful and treat themselves. Health care workers can be used for chronic pain, stress, insomnia, fatigue, easy access to drugs and familial reasons. Health personnel can hide this dependency for reasons such as fear of losing their job and avoiding prestige loss. In this study, it is aimed to have information about addictive drugs in anesthesiology, what kind of behaviors of addicts can behave and how health workers should recognize addiction. A total of 100 students, 68 (68%) girls and 32 (32%) boys, participated in the study. Participants' levels of knowledge about drug abuse and drug addiction and addictive drugs used in anesthesia environment were measured. 99% of the students answered yes to the question that health workers are easier to reach the substance causing addiction. The participants stated that high levels of drug addiction in the specialty areas Anesthesiology (87%) and Psychiatry (72%), respectively. In the question under the title of psychological and physiological symptoms in the health and anesthesia workers who are drug addicted, it was stated that depression, which changes with turbulent mood and euphoria periods, was most effective. In addition, when the risks causing to drug addiction and abuse were evaluated, easy access to drugs were the highest rate (78%) and the decrease in interest/pleasure were the lowest (41%). However, the most commonly used drugs in anesthesia and awareness of the pharmacological knowledge of drugs was found to be insufficient. As a result, we believe that our students cannot to be evaluate the risks of finding and access to drugs causing addiction and we need to raise awareness about this issue. We also think that all anesthesia personnel should know their colleague having such a problem and they have the necessary information for help.

Anesthesiology, Addiction, Drug abuse