Man is a social entity, and therefore, the importance of maintaining a collective life throughout history has been emphasized by people and efforts have been made to fulfil its requirements. However, people's willingness to live together also caused their classification. Due to the classifications, some inequalities and injustices began to emerge between people and societies. These negative situations showed that people should live with rules and the issue of establishing justice among people gained importance. With the help of the determined rules, it was tried to provide justice among people, and the terms of rights and law constituted the most important element of people's living together. Law, as it is a whole of rules, has facilitated human life and helped to take place in society. Therefore, the foundation of civilization is based on law and it is only possible by law to sustain and develop society. Religion, language, culture, race, etc. are among the rules created for people who are divided into classes to live together. It has many elements. Today, China is one of the most important civilizations because it has both the oldest history and the largest population in the world. The fact that China has been able to survive to the present day has been wondered by other societies and has been considered worthy of research. Throughout history, works written in China provide us with important information about China, and it shows how China has come from the beginning to the present day. Thanks to these works, it is understood that one of the basic elements that keep China alive is the law. Previously, the research was limited due to the terms of the period, it was used as the only source written by people in different positions and people travelling between regions and countries as the most important means of obtaining information about a place or nation. As of the period, travel books are the leading sources of this information. Therefore, information about China's ancient times is available through travel books. Many travel books have been written about China to date. Ali Ekber Hitai's XV. Travel writings in the style of travel in the 19th century are important works that provide information about China and have been used as a source many times. The work consists of twenty-one chapters and China is described in every aspect of the work. A separate section has not been written for the subject of the law, but in many chapters, detailed information about Chinese laws has been given. Ali Ekber Hıtaî's XIV. and XV. His work about Hıtaynâme contains important information about Chinese Civilization. Hıtaynâme, which is the work Ali Ekber tells about XIV. and XV. the century of China contains important information about Chinese Civilization.

Ali Ekber Hıtaî, China, Hıtaynâme, Law, Law, The Book of travels.