One of the most significant figures of Azeri literature Abdurrahim Bey Hakkiverdiyev was born in Shusha (Susa) in 1870 and died in Baku in 1933. Known for his dramatic works in the literary circles, Hakkiverdiyev penned his intial works in his student years. He is the author of famous works of Azeri literature known with the following titles Yeyersen Gaz Etini Görersen Lezzetini, Dağılan Tifak, Bahtsız Cavan, Peri Cadu, Ağa Mehemmed Şah Gacar, Hortdanın Cehennem Mektupları, Bomba, Şeyh Şaban, Mirze Sefer. Hakverdiyev, who assumed a realist standpoint in his works, was in the view that drama was the most effective medium to relate progressive ideas to the masses. Following the example of Mirza Fethali Ahundzade, he examined the works of Shakespeare and Ostravski as a student in Moscow. Starting with 1920, he wrote a great number of plays, short stories, articles and memoires, and also translated masterpieces from Russian and World literature. He chose the subjects of his works from history and daily life. With his works he attempted to inform his people, and promote the progressive thoughts. In his works he narrates the injustices of the landowners and the declining feudal system, subsequently criticising the evils of these. Short after Molla Nasreddin started its publication life, Hakverdiyev joined the writing team of the magazine. With the incentive of the Molla Nasreddin, he focused on short story as a genre. This humour magazine formed the second phase of his literary career, in which he established a strong literary movement with the rest of the Molla Nasreddin writers. The poet who knows the Azeri people very well did not avoid criticising the ills of the society. Hakverdili who discusses the conflict between the traditional and the modern through his works, insistently dwellt on issues such as ignorance, illiteracy, superstitions, conflict of interest and the subservient position of the women. Using his strong weapons of humour and satire, the author severely criticized the capitalists who exploited the people. In our study Abdurrahim Bey Hakverdiyev’s works are scrutinized and his social criticism is described. Among his criticism are the exclusion of women from society, bereaved of their freedom and not ever achieving the status they have long deserved. Through our research we have endeavoured to assess the position of Hakverdiyev particularly in the genres of drama and short story in the Azeri Turkish literature.

Abdürrahim Bey Hakverdiyev, Azerbaijan literature, social criticism, Molla Nasreddin