In the Soviet Union, where issues such as independence, freedom, and national identity are forbidden, many literary figures who acted against this were destroyed. Due to this extermination policy that intensified between 1937 and 1939, intellectuals from the Turkish world were shot and executed on the grounds that they were "opponents of the regime". Even possession of the books of murdered artists is considered a crime. These events, in which all people who did not adopt the Soviet ideology were destroyed, were given names such as "red terror", "red resentment" and "repressia" among the people. Due to the harsh policy of persecution and intimidation in the 1930s, the penalties for arrest, exile, and death are given. Due to this unlawful practice, the idea of ??freedom and national resistance was interrupted in Azerbaijan at that time. Ummügülsüm Sadıqzade, Azerbaijan's istiqlal poet, was born in 1900 in Novxani near Baku. She is the uncle daughter of the first President of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Mehemmed Emin Resulzade. Ümmügülsüm, who has been interested in art and literature from an early age, begins to write poems when she was 9 years old. His poems and stories are published in many newspapers and magazines. The story "Solgun Cicek" was awarded in the story writing contest announced by Qurtuluş magazine. Later, she married Seyid Hüseyin, a famous literary scholar who had nationalist ideas like herself. is discarded. He is then sent to the labor camp of the prison in Mordva province. Soviet rulers declared him an enemy because of his objectionable ideas in the poems he wrote in the 1930s. He has been accused with adjectives such as "Pan-Turkist", "Pan-Islamist", "opponent of the regime". Although he returns to Baku after 7 years of exile and imprisonment, he is not allowed to stay in this city. He became ill due to the persecution he had been subjected to for many years and passed away 3 months later in the city of Shamaxı. Although it has been 75 years since the death of Ümmügülsüm Sadıqzade, who is known as the "poet of independence" in Azerbaijan, as the victim of the regime, the researches on her are not sufficient in our opinion. Scientific studies should be conducted on the life and art of this powerful poet, who left his mark on Azerbaijani literature with the idea of homeland love, national identity, and national independence. Because Ümmügülsüm Sadıqzade, who has devoted most of his life of 44 years to the struggle for national independence of Azerbaijan and lived nearly 8 years of exile and imprisonment, should be introduced in the Turkish world as he deserves

Independence poet of Azerbaijan, Ümmügülsüm Sadıqzade, repressiya, anti-public, nationalist poetry