In this study, the fishing activities and the socio-economic structures of the fishermen engaged in swordfish fishing in the port of Istanbul were examined. Swordfish fishing is carried out between May and August by the boat owners that were permitted by the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The information of the boats engaged in swordfish fishing was obtained primarily from the officials of Poyrazköy Tulina and the Swordfish Hunters Association. A questionnaire was prepared in accordance with the purpose of the study and the boats were visited in their ports for face-to-face interviews to obtain the necessary original data and socio-economic analysis was made by evaluating the data transferred to the computer environment. According to the findings, the age distribution of fishermen varies between 33 and 65 years and 58.8% of them are over 50 years old. The education status of fishermen varies between primary school and university and 47.1% of them are primary school graduates. 64.7% of them have more than 30 years of professional experience in fisheries, all of them have social security, 82.4% of them have their own houses and it was determined that all of them are conducting fisheries as their primary profession. It has been determined that the fishermen engaged in swordfish fishing in Istanbul are mostly registered in the port of Poyrazköy with a rate of 58.8%. It was determined that the size of the swordfish fishing boats ranged between 10.2-35.5 meters, with a ratio of 35.3%, between 15-19.9 meters in length, and their engine power varies between 130-1,060 Hp. It has been stated that the fishermen use sword nets with a rate of 39.9% besides tulina, harpoon and longline. As a result, it has been observed that the fishermen in the ports of Poyrazköy, Rumelifeneri and Rumelikavağı, where this study was conducted, have been hunting swordfish with tulina and swordfish nets for many years, keep the hunting records regularly, market the fish they catch in a systematic way and they have an important place in the production of swordfish in our country. Eliminating the grievances of fishermen in line with the legal regulations and scientific studies to be made is an obligation that should not be ignored in terms of our fisheries

İstanbul, fisheries, swordfish, swordfish fisheries, fishermen profile, socio-economic structure