The ones who served Konya Modern Architecture: Ali Cenap Özkaşıkçı

The architectural artifacts, which are shaped according to the basic needs of societies, play an important role in the historical process by reflecting the changes in the history of the societies they belong to. The architects are the people who designed the works in the acquisition of these works, and evaluated the cultural, economic and social conditions of the period and created buildings in relation to the context in which they were found. Architect Ali Cenap Özkaşıkçı is one of the figures who left his mark with his modern, pioneering and innovative works in the field of architecture of Konya. Nationalists emerged with the idea of modernist, the rationalist and nationalist design concept, Turkey began after the proclamation of the Republic reflected in the architecture, though, to Konya city especially trained with contemporary and western ideas of qualified architects it has emerged with their work after 1950. In this study, the works of the Ali Cenap Özkaşıkçı, who contributed to the Modern Architecture of Konya, were studied in the 1960s and 1970s to investigate the architectural formations, innovations and originalities.

Ali Cenap Özkaşıkçı, Konya, House, Modern Architecture